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The question was: Some people have treadmills, weights and other workout equipment in their homes. What are some things that happen at gyms that probably don't happen in homes?

Congratulations to the following winners:

Several naked people walking around your bathroom - Brian from NY
The bikes at the gym aren't used as a clothes rack - Phillis from FL
Someone takes your clothes - Kelly from FL
A stranger offering to 'spot' you - Robert from IL
Strangers walking in asking for a day pass - Hakim from MA
Wearing flip-flops in the shower - Adrienne from CA

Current Contest:

For this contest there is no right answer - only the most creative answer you can come up with! Think of the most creative, clever, funny or smart answer to the question below. Use a play on words, rhymes or alliteration to make your answer really stand out!

We will pick the best 5-10 answers and each winning member will earn 200 Do Points. Good luck!

Answer this: What would be a bad thing to carry with you when jumping in an inflatable bouncy house?

To enter this contest, fill in your answer below. You may enter the contest as many times as you wish. However, you may only enter the same answer one time per contest.

When the contest is over, our panel of judges will choose the best 5-10 answers at their discretion from the answers received. Each of these winners will receive 200 Do Points.

Winners will be notified via e-mail. Their first names and home states will appear on the site (with their permission) along with, of course, their winning entry.

This contest began on 11/11/18

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