Want Ads - New 10/19

The entity name and slogan was: Clairol - Does she or doesn't she?

Congratulations to the following winners:

She does, and you can too - Gerry from OH
Dying to look natural - Linda from FL
Does the carpet match the curtains? - Amy from NH
Only the cashier knows for sure - Gail from NY
When you are too cheap to go to a salon - Angie from NE

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We give you a current or former advertising slogan from a popular company, product, service, movie or place. You come up with a different slogan that you think that entity should have. The funnier and more clever the better!

We will pick the best 5-10 answers and each winning member will earn 200 Do Points. Good luck!

Come up with a different slogan that this entity should use:

Lucky Strike cigarettes - It's Toasted

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This contest began on 10/19/17

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