Join the Fun - Winner!

The winning entry selected by our members was:

Number 25 – ByteMe
Submitted by Diane from IL. Congratulations Diane!

The 2nd most popular was number 11 - ItsTheSameAsYours
The 3rd most popular was number 16 - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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The top 25 entries were:

1. WhenIsOurWedding
2. NoBrasAllowed
3. 20BucksForPassword
4. DoYouWantToHaveSex
5. AreYouHornyToo
6. ItsASecretSilly
7. ILikeSausage
8. YouAreAPainInTheAss
9. LetsHaveSex
10. AreYouWearingPanties
11. ItsTheSameAsYours
12. IdiotSaysWhat
13. BoxersOrBriefs
14. IWouldLoveTo69WithYou
15. NoneOfYourEffingBusiness
16. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
17. WifiIsSoLastYear
18. PleaseLeaveMyHouse
19. WhyYouWannaKnow
20. BackOffClown
21. YourZipperIsDown
22. IKissedYourHusband
23. DontCallMeShirley
24. GoScrewYourself
25. ByteMe

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Answer this: What would be a funny thing to make your wifi password so when people ask for it you can have a good laugh when you tell it to them (for example, 'What's your wifi password?' Password - 'Ihateyou' or 'idonthavewifi')

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This contest began on 8/13/17

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