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The question was:
At fast food restaurants you can often ask for packets of ketchup. What would be a weird thing to ask for packets of?

The winning entry selected by our members was:

#2. Soup - Carol from NY

2nd place #3. Meatloaf - Susie from FL
3rd place #7. Baked beans - Gina from MD

The top 10 entries were:

1. Cottage cheese - Amy from VA
2. Soup - Carol from NY
3. Meatloaf - Susie from FL
4. Milkshakes - Becky from MI
5. Spam - Phillis from FL
6. Scrambled eggs - Jean from MO
7. Baked beans - Gina from MD
8. Blueberries - Ashley from OK
9. Gravy - Patricia from PA
10. Marshmallows - A member from OR

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Answer this:
What would be a bad thing to forget on top of your car as you drive away one day?

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This contest began on 11/26/20

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