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The question was: What is something that always seems to be around except when you actually need it?

The winning entry selected by our members was:

#13 – Sales clerk in a store
Submitted by Laura from Mi. Congratulations Laura!

2nd place – #5 My husband (Millie from KY)
3rd place – #12 Restrooms (Carol from MN)

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The top 20 entries were:

1. A man
2. Cheese puffs
3. Rain
4. A kid to shovel the driveway
5. My husband
6. A snappy comeback
7. Common sense
8. Good advice
9. Someone to join you in standing up to the boss
10. Coins for vending machines, parking meters, etc.
11. TV remote
12. Restrooms
13. Sales clerk in a store
14. Liquor stores
15. Dark chocolate
16. Lids to containers
17. Mint Girl Scout cookies
18. Money!
19. Toilet plunger
20. Courage

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Answer this: You can pick any job and you will get paid $100,000 per year. What job do you pick?

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This contest began on 3/20/18

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